Why double standards with DIEG? Sivarrajh slams Tony Pua


MIC Youth Leader, Sivarrajh Chandran slammed the act of Azmin Ali on the formation of DIEG. “How can a RM2 company take over RM30 billion assets?”, asks Sivarrajh.

“Why is Tony Puah, the 1MDB champion suddenly silent and gone quiet over a RM2 company that has taken over 30 billion of assets that belong to the people of Selangor? Why has he gone quiet as a mouse? Is he embarrassed by Azmin Ali, an ally in Pakatan Rakyat, daylight silap mata of Selangor assets. DEIG is a RM2 company. Is it necessary for a RM2 company to take over assets worth 30 billion?, slammed Sivarrajh in a press statement.

The youth leader also questioned the transparency and accountability of DIEG. “How can the Selangor Exco approve this travesty of what they preach? They preach one thing but do another.”,he stressed.

“The people of Selangor have long suffered under their double standard. People are poor. What has Selangor done to alleviate poverty and cost of living?

DEIG is going on the same road as 1MDB with hefty debts. Before it becomes unmanageable the Selangor government must stop this RM2 company from taking over the state’s  assets. Let the people decide. Is this the best way to consolidate all assets and restructure them?”, he questioned, vehemently.


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