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Its the nation’s latest sensation news. Dual Language Program or in short DLP will be implemented in 814 schools nationwide.What we know about DLP and what we dont know about DLP?

Under DLP, schools would be given the option to teach Science, Mathematics, Information Technology and Communication, and Design and Technology in English or in mother tongue languages.

LP was not a policy implemented in all schools, saying that it was under the Upholding Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Mandarin and Strengthening the English Language project to improve the English proficiency of students.

Therefore, there is no element of coercion in implementing the DLP.Schools that do not wish to carry out the programme will not be forced to do so by the ministry.

So its clearly mentioned that its not a policy but schools can apply if wished to participate.So far we have understood what is DLP. Now let us see why this system not welcomed by various groups.

These are questions posted by groups. Let us go through 1 by 1.

* Why suddenly introducing English language in Tamil School to teach Science and Maths now?
So our Indian students get confused.

What i noticed:
This is not something new. PPSMI, (Pengajaran & Pembelajaran Saints Dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris) was introduced in 2003 by the then-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad. But the policy’s reversal in 2012 made by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Throughout these period, there were tremendous changes in Tamil schools. In case you have forgotten, let me refresh you. There were great improvements in Standard 1 intakes nationwide. In the same period of time, Tamil schools made good percentage results in Maths and Science. Once Tamil Schools beat Chinese schools Maths percentage nationwide.

When that point we agreed to have DLP but why now against the plan? Confused?

* Who going to teach in English? Non Indian teachers?

Of course no. Government will encourage existing indian teachers to teach our students. This will increase more Indian teachers to schools. The demand will increase more graduates to enroll teaching courses.

* The end of Tamil language and Tamil Schools in Malaysia.

This is total insane statement.

Let me take myself as in example. I am from Tamil school. In primary, we were taught in Tamil. With that i can fluently speak and write well in Tamil. When i moved to secondary school, everything were taught in Malay. Well, I had to adopt to new environment so that i can do well in Malay Language.

When i was in University. This is the point where i met crucial challenges. Everything were taught in ENGLISH. in order to do research, most were in English. Even if you google it, you will find it in English. English is a global language. At that point, my primary and secondary knowledge did not help me.

I am graduated and proudly holding double Masters in Business Administration.

Tamil is my mother tongue. Malay is my National language. But English is global language to move you forward.

Learning Science and Maths in English will not make Tamil disappear forever. It is an additional advantage for our students to excel in their career.

In 50s, Indians occupied 40%-50% government post for our profiency in English. Look what happens to us now?

To those claiming that Tamil Language will be destroyed via introducing this system, let me tell you how it eventually happen.

* Do you know what is Aathicudi? Kondrai venthan? Puranaanuru? Aimberum kaapiyam? Tholkaapiyam? Do you know anything about vallinam, idaiyinam, mellinam? If youdont know these then you are part of killing the language

* How you name your children? In Tamil or in Sanskrit? You feel worried about language but you don’t even bother on naming them in Tamil.

* Do you buy Tamil news papers daily?

* Do you speak proper Tamil language? Are you sure?

There are are differences between learning mother tongue versus foreign languages for global challenges.

Please understand the fact properly before condemning it. I personally see good prospect in our generation by learning Science and maths in English. – Subash CB.

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