[Video] Palanivel supporters create ruckus in ROS


Just after a day that the courts struck out his Judicial Review in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Ramalinggam today led a team of 20 odd supporters of Palanivel, which includes Ex Information Officer Sivasubramaniam and K.P. Samy.

The Federal Counsel representing ROS, Amarjeet Singh submitted yesterday that Ramalinggam was a ‘busybody’ to the matter at hand and the judge struck the matter out with cost of RM10,000. Ramalinggam issued a contradictory statement to the situation as reported by Selliyal

In the wake of failing to get the Judicial Review through, Ramalinggam had tried to create havoc at the Registrar of Socities (ROS) office today. To what seems apparent and obvious in the video, Ramalinggam seems to insist that the legal MIC Presidential Nominations, held this Friday, 21st August is brought to a halt without quoting a valid reason.

The officer attending to the crows seemed visibly intimidated and pleaded to bring the matter up to his higher officials.

Palanivel and team has been resorting to all sorts of tricks and stunts to interrupt the ongoing MIC election process. MIC’s Strategic and Communications Bureau Chief, Dato Sri Vell Paari also claimed in his press statement recently that there are even attempts to create havoc at the MIC Headquarters on the day of the nominations. ‘Groups are planning to disguise as MIC members to come and interrupt the nominations process, he said.


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