Teacher tributes through social media


TAPPING on the popularity of social media, INTI International University and Colleges used this platform from last month to gather dedications for Teachers Day with a special surprise in store.

Secondary school students across Malaysia uploaded messages either in English, Bahasa Melayu or in Chinese to their beloved teachers on INTI’s website,newinti.edu.my/dedicated2cikgu/.

Pictures were also posted on Instagram with the hashtag #Dedicated2cikgu, which also happened to be the name for this campaign which ended on Friday.

The same concept was first introduced last year. But this year, there were more ideas and treats.

Lucky students saw their dedications being read out by one of five Malaysian celebrities – Rozita Che Wan, Amar Asyraf, Elfira Loy, Fizz Fairuz or pop group FORTEEN on YouTube. These stars showed genuine interest in the campaign and they wanted to be in a unique project that celebrated teachers.

Not only that, out of all the dedications from over 100 schools nationwide, the top 150 teachers and students were rewarded with a pewter ornament or powerbank from INTI respectively.

The #Dedicated2Cikgu campaign which started in 2012, was to recognise teachers across Malaysia in a special way and celebrate their hard work and achievements.

In 2012, teachers from 400 schools were given roses. The following year, teachers got to submit their stories for the theme “Sharing Your Best Teaching Moments” through INTI’s website.


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