SPAD to investigate bus driver for bullying, intimidating family [VIDEO]


KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip of a bus driver driving recklessly and bullying a road user along the Karak Highway has gone viral on social media since Sunday.

The incident which supposedly took place on March 18 came to light when one Tunku Khalsom Ibrahim, posted on her Facebook and Instagram account, a video of the incident. At the press time, the video has raked in about 17,000 views.

Since then, the victim has filed a complaint with the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) and was waiting for a response.

On the Land Public Transport Commission’s (SPAD) official Instagram account, a moderator had commented on Tunku Khalsom’s post, thanking her for reporting the incident.

“Notice 79 has been issued for dangerous driving as well as the vehicle permit has been revoked till investigation concludes.

“Moving forward, an immediate interview with the operator and the complainant will be put to task,” SPAD said in its comment.

Tunku Khalsom had claimed the incident took place when her mother, who was driving the car, entered the tunnel from Genting Highlands en route to Kuala Lumpur. Her one-year-old baby was also in the car.

In her Instagram post, she said the three of them was just coming back from a wedding near Genting Highlands and as they drove into the two-lane tunnel, their harrowing experience started.

“As we entered, a red coach with Darul Naim 09 on the back, license plate WWU5909 came flying into the tunnel in the fast lane. He came in so fast it actually shocked everyone in our car,” she said.

Tunku Khalsom said her mother had honked at the bus driver, thinking that he would slow down.

“He immediately started honking back as he flew into the left lane just ahead of us. Furious and concerned as we had my one-year-old baby in the car with us, my Mother tried to “get away” from this dangerous lunatic.

“He began to chase us, weaving in and out of the cars as you can see in the video. He came right up behind us on several occasions,” she said in her Instagram post.

In the video, the bus driver could be seen weaving in and out between traffic.

“He came right up behind us on several occasions. He managed to overtake us, as I insisted my mother slow down with my baby in the car, so he managed to get ahead of us.

“And of course in true foul fashion he drove right ahead of us, intermittently slamming on the breaks and not allowing us to get past him.

“On our first few attempts to overtake him again, he tried to squash us into the divider,” Tunku Khalsom continued.

The video also showed the bus driver pulling up next to Tunku Khalsom’s vehicle, signalling at them with his hand.

Tunku Khalsom said that they were able to lose him only when they reached the toll at the highway.

“This is absolutely disgusting and dangerous behaviour! How can this man be allowed to drive a coach?

“He’s endangering the lives of his passengers and all the people around him, and for what? A little honking of the horn? His blatant disregard for safe driving and the safety of those around him is outrageous,” she said.

She ended the post by urging friends and the public to share the video to create some awareness on this unacceptable behaviour.-NST

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