“Polygamy should not even be made legally anywhere” – Wanita MIC Chief


Kuala Lumpur, 11 Mac 2017 (MyTimes) – “It is appalling knowing someone could even argue that polygamy is better than monogamy. We refer to the statement by former DAP Senator, S. Ramakrishnan whereby he blames the government for not allowing polygamy under the pretext being concern over illegitimate children.” said Dato Mohana Muniandy, National Wanita MIC Leader.

“Former DAP Senator, S. Ramakrishnan should have done his research on school enrolment topic before blindly condemning our government and come with absurd idea of supporting polygamy. Cabinet had decided on Jan 16, 2008 that children of Malaysian citizens could be admitted to government schools even if they did not have identity documents. As long as one parent is a Malaysian citizen, the child is eligible to enroll in school. It is not mandatory for parents to provide proof of their marriage to register their children for school.” added her in a press statement.

“Polygamy should not even be made legally anywhere. Period. It should not even be opened for debate on the pro and cons. Polygamic relationship is an exploitation of women as it is a system to benefit male sexual needs than those of women therefore can be seen as disregarding to how women feel and what is important to them, making them feel inferior. Women are not objects that men can obtain in bundles. Polygamy definitely should never be legalized.” – Dato Mohana Muniandy.


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