VIDEO: PKR MP chased out of his own constituency


Kapar, Sep 3 (MyTimes) – In a video that has been going viral lately, a group of PKR supporters are seen arguing with Kapar MP, Manivannan. Shouts of ‘keluar dari sini’ (get out of here) are heard insisting the Member of Parliament to not engage in the Bersih rally held in Kapar.

(Video PKR MP chased out of his own constituency)

The group was also questioning Manivannan on his service to the constituency,claiming that he has done nothing. The incident took place last Saturday,29th August 2015, ,during Bersih rally in Kapar

Manivannan has always been in the light of criticisms in the past, even among PKR supporters and Kapar locals of not being a local representative and thus not a suitable candidate for that constituency. Many are said to be dissatisfied with his service to the constituency. – MyTimes


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