“Pass The Baton To Someone Capable Before myPPP Vanishes”, Datuk T.Mohan tells Kayveas


KUALA LUMPUR 14 December 2015 (MyTimes): The latest to join the fray to blast Tan Sri Kayveas is MIC’s Vice President, Datuk T.Mohan. Kayveas is under fire, facing criticisms from leaders of the MIC for an uncalled for statement he had issued during myPPP’s AGM, last Sunday. In his press statement, Datuk T.Mohan had said that Kayveas is an undemocratic leader in a democratic coalition of Barisan Nasional.

“Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy.”-Benito Mussolini

“This quote reflects best on the way Tan Sri M. Kayveas acts. As democratic as we are, we still have a leader who still hogs on to party presidency for the past 22 years. myPPP is the only party which holds elections every 5 years compared to any other component parties in the coalition of Barisan Nasional.”,said Mohan.

“It has become a trend for Kayveas to criticize other component parties and it’s leadership in his speech in every Annual General Meeting of the People’s Progressive Party. In the recent one, held last weekend, Kayveas tried to be a hero by questioning funds allocated to the Indian community and that the MIC has to be held responsible.”

“May I remind Kayveas that these funds are channeled directly by the government through various governmental institutions rather than a political party. Many publications has been produced in the past by the Barisan Nasional government in book form to be distributed to the public. In those books, it was clearly explained on the mode these funds were actually distributed. Even the PPP party members once distributed these books to the public. So, how is it that Kayveas is unaware of those funds? Is it case of him being unaware or is it a case of merely gaining cheap publicity?”, Datuk T. Mohan questioned.

“This is one good example of how the public is confused. The public is made to believe that there are discrepancies in channeling of funds and there are indeed misuse of funds. The truth is, there are none. A person like Kayveas, being a leader of one of the component parties of Barisan Nasional should be more responsible rather than to spread lies.”, said the Vice President of MIC.

“His dictator styled leadership is one that is known by all. He has no deputy and likes to stay on top till kingdom comes. Good leaders like Datuk Murugaiyah and Datuk Chandra Kumunan were sidelined and wrongfully removed from PPP. These are leaders who are more interested in serving the public rather than to cling on to leadership of the party. These are the very people that Kayveas sees as a threat. Serving the public is way far at the back of his mind.”

“I notice that PPP is losing its popularity and fame amongst the community bon a daily basis. This is not due to the party itself but it’s party President. Kayveas does not speak anything intelligent, neither is he bothered about the well being of its members or the public in general.”, Mohan stressed.

“I have nothing against myPPP or it’s members. In fact, I do know of many capable and vibrant leaders in the party. Sadly, all these leaders will be buried while Kayveas stays on as their leader. It is a known fact, how PPP was ‘taken over’ by Kayveas.”

“My frank advise to him, please refrain yourself from making unnecessary statements just to gain popularity. Give chance to capable leaders in your party before your party vanishes from the face of Malaysian political arena. The Barisan Nasional would like to see a new leader, leading myPPP before you pull another idiotic stunt in you next Annual General Meeting, Kayveas.”,slammed Datuk T.Mohan.



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