Palanivel to lose Ministerial position ?


Kuala Lumpur , 16 Jun 2015 – Datuk Seri G.Palanivel  and four others ceased to be MIC members and therefore lost all their rights in MIC”, says the current acting President of MIC , Dato Seri Dr S. Subramaniam in press conference today at MIC HQ , Jalan Ipoh.

This comes hours after Palanivel issued a press statement announcing the 12-month suspensions of Subramaniam and 13 others for holding the CWC meeting today, which he said was illegal.

Palanivel lost his membership the moment he dragged the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to court without the party’s approval, Subramaniam announced in a press conference today.

The current CWC is the 2009 CWC tasked by RoS to conduct re-elections for the party.

Palanivel, who still considers himself president, has refused to recognise orders by ROS to allow fresh polls and has decided to stick with the 2013 leadership, whose election in November that year is  heavily disputed.

However , the decision by 2009 CWC has raised questions on Palanivel’s eligibility to hold ministerial position in Cabinet. Palanivel , according to 2009 CWC is now no more a member of MIC thus can be concluded that his is now the an independent parliamentarian for Cameron Highland Constituency.


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