Palani’s latest stunt of Presidential election is ILLEGAL – Dato Muneandy


Just as MIC is set to move on with Presidential Election Nominations on the 21st of August, the Palanivel and 5 has once again started their political drama to hold their own so called ‘Presidential Election’ and as usual, earlier than the valid date.

A senior MIC leader, Dato Muneandy, had called the act as a criminal act and one which clearly shows desperation and power craziness of Palanivel’s team. ‘If its true Palanivel is holding a valid and legal elections, where are we to collect the nomination forms? I would love to contest against Palanivel and im sure 90% of the branch chairmen would nominate me to do so, blasted Dato Muneandy.

‘In no way this is a legal elections as Palanivel, together with Sothinathan and Balakrishnan are no longer members. They should stop this political drama immediately. 90% of the branch chairmen are well aware of the party situation and they just want to solve this once and for all. In order to do this, we should abide by what has been outlined by ROS. That is exactly what our Acting President, Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam is doing. Moreover, can they produce the list of branches? And where do we submit the nominations to? Can they provide us with a valid party address?, he questioned vigorously.

Dato Muneandy further went on to say that Sothinathan should also stop masterminding this political drama as it has almost destroyed the party. ‘Sothinathan has ceased to be a member. His very intention was to destroy the party from the beginning and he was almost successful in doing so. But Sothinathan must remember, that the 3159 branch chairmen are not.stupid. We wont just be looking at you doing what you are doing and destroy the party. Your political carrier is over and you shall go down as a black mark in MIC’s history, said Dato Muneandy.

All branch chairmen across the nation will be having a convention on the 9th August 2015 at the Grand Ballroom@The Place, One City Mall, Subang Jaya. It is to pass very important resolutions on the next step forward.


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