More Development Programmes for Indian Community – Najib


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional (BN) government has more concrete programmes for the development of the Indian community in the country compared to the opposition.

He said the government’s commitment could be seen via various programmes undertaken to empower the community, and as such, they should not fall for instigation and empty promises by the opposition on the matter.

The government, he said, among others had set up the Cabinet Committee on Indian Affairs while through the Special Secretrariat to Empower Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED), had helped 24,000 Indian entrepreneurs though an allocation of RM711 million.

“We have also appointed four SEED officers at Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia, given an allocation of RM600 million for infrastructure development of National-Type Tamil Schools (SJKT since 2009 and approved the construction of seven SJKT.

“In the last six years, we have done a lot for the Indian community but the government is still not satisfied and wants to do more,” he said when opening Makkal Sakti Malaysia Party’s 7th annual general meeting here today.

Najib said the government was now formulating a development roadmap for the Indian community under the 11th Malaysia Plan to boost their standard of living.

“I hope all stakeholders can give their respective inputs so that we can formulate the blueprint for implementation.

“We will document in numerous forms and distribute to the Indian community so they will obtain more accurate information on what is being done by the Barisan Nasional government (for them),” said Najib, adding that he hoped to continue getting the support of the Indian community.

The Prime Minister said the BN always stood by the philosophy that the benefits of national development must be felt by the members of all communities regardless of background.

In the meantime, he said the support and confidence of the people towards the BN government was very important especially with the nation facing numerous challenges, including on political and economical issues.

He said street demonstrations and the act of humiliating the leadership was not the solution to any problem or dissatisfaction of the people against the country.

“We are a people who love the nation. When we love the nation, we will not do anything extreme. In fact, we (BN) are more rational and level-headed in all our actions,” he said.

Najib also thanked the Makkal Sakti Malaysia Party which continued to be a loyal friend and committed to BN.

“As BN chairman, I thank the party which helps the BN government in the general elections, specifically in the effort to boost the support and vote of the Indian community,” he said.

Recognising the hard work put in by the party president Datuk R.S. Thanenthiran in carrying out numerous programmes to develop the Indian community, Najib said the government would continue to support the effort.

“I take into account the motions brought by Makkal Sakti. It is not easy to satisfy all in BN and friends of BN. We will help within our means to do what we can,” he said.

Earlier, Thanenthiran had tabled the resolution of the gathering, which among others, expressed full support for the Prime Minister, suggested the appointment of the party leaders to the Cabinet, Federal Government, state governments and local authorities, approving the construction of Tamil secondary schools and seeking a RM300 million fund to realise the Indian tranformation plan.- BERNAMA


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