MIC’s Long Term Commitment to Serve the People of Cameron Highlands



Sometimes it’s a wonder why Cameron Highlands is suddenly so popular with those who have never looked in its direction before, but are suddenly, seemingly overnight, well versed with what is good for the people here. I suppose it only boils down to it being a safe seat for these newbies, after all the good work MIC has done and is still doing here. There is no doubt that Cameron Highlands has a fine reputation as a tourist attraction, but it should not be used as a convenient hub to fulfill one’s desire to safely procure a parliamentary seat.

In light to a recent statement by a BN component party leader that MIC has abandoned its duties towards the people of Cameron Highlands, we should let the facts set things straight. The following are a list of MIC initiatives that have served the people of Cameron Highlands since I began service here.

1. 6 units PPRT homes in Kuala Terla
2. 12 units PPRT homes in Lembah Bertam
3. 42 homes for the Orang Asli community in Kampung Leryar
4. Built the Astaka & upgraded the football field of Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands
5. Secured RM3.5m for temporary shelter of Sg Ruil community affected by landslide
6. Secured approval of RM21m to build a new settlement for Sg Ruil community which lost their homes to landslide
7. Built JPS Dam in Batu 54 Jalan Sg Ikan Kampung Raja for flood control purpose at Pekan Kampung Raja, for RM500,000.
8. Secured federal allocation to build Tadika Permata Negara
9. Secured RM39m to improve infrastructure, construction of road to Pos Sinderut in Jelai
10. Secured MB Pahang’s approval to build temple in Kuala Terla
11. Constructed 5 SJK Tamil schools
12. Constructed 2 SJK Chinese schools
13. Constructed 2 school halls at SMKSAS and SMKKG
14. Secured RM10m to improve infrastructure, construction of new road to Pos Lemoi in Tanah Rata
15. Secured RM10m federal allocation to improve infrastructure, construction of road in Pos Titom in Jelai
16. Secured RM5m approval from PM for construction of mosque in Koyan 1
17. Constructed the Kuala Terla Community Hall at RM500,000
18. Empowered 14 JKKK in Jelai with donations of tent, chairs, tables and financial allocation
19. Annual financial allocation for places of worship, associations, youth councils, JKKK, school PIBG & government agencies
20. Supplied footballs and jerseys to Orang Asli youths in Jelai
21. Distribution of free study materials for student sitting for government examination

On top of this, Deputy Minister of Education I, Dato’ P.Kamalanathan, an MIC CWC member, recently shared that  RM4.95m and RM1.14m was provided as maintenance allowance (peruntukan penyelenggaraan) to Tamil schools in Pahang, including Cameron Highlands, in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Additionally, another CWC member, lawyer R.Nadarajan, is heading a committee to coordinate and facilitate the election machinery in Cameron Highlands. Even the MIC Wanita wing has been making its presence felt here recently. No one can rationally say that MIC has abandoned Cameron Highlands!

It is a longstanding known fact that Cameron Highlands is an MIC seat. It is a rather shameful precedence to set by coming into another BN party’s territory and trying to stake a claim. It would be more respectable if this leader could win back the votes from his own party’s allocated parliamentary seat, which he had lost before. If that is your party allocated seat, go campaign there and prove your worth. That would be more respectable than venturing into another party’s presumably winnable seat, and finding the easy way to fulfil your personal dream.

In all fairness, one of the core reasons BN exists is to have likeminded component parties, working towards a singular cause, standing in solidarity as a unit to bring our country to greater heights and glory. For a component party leader to show blatant disregard and disrespect towards the greater cause of BN, this will only result in disharmony and division, giving advantage to the Opposition to exploit our shortcomings. Even in politics, there should be a certain amount of ethics and integrity perpetuating. When the element of trust cannot even be maintained as a member component party, how can the people trust you to stand by them through good and bad times?

Senator Dato’ Sri S.K. Devamany
Deputy Minister in the Prime Ministers Department/
MIC Deputy President

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