MIC Youth Secretary on Kampung Seri Aman land fiasco


Selangor, 10 May 2016 (MyTimes) – Another village is now on the state’s radar of territorial disputes between the landowners, developers and villagers, where some of the villagers are now categorised as squatters in land-scarce Selangor.

Indian Settlement Kampung Seri Aman, Ijok, in Selangor that are facing eviction. MIC Youth Secretary Arvind Krishnan along with Executive Secretary, Mr.KR.Parthiban (Former Ijok Assemblymen), Mr.Kajendran, Selangor MIC Youth Chief today sprung into action to protest the eviction of 4 families and demolition of their houses at the said Kampung.

Also claimed by the MIC Youth Secretary that they were arrested and mishandled by the local council for defending the village people right.He was baffled the most when V Ganabatirau, the state EXCO made a irresponsible and senseless statement . He is who is supposedly responsible in looking into the affairs of the Indian community in Selangor.

Arvind take V Ganabatirau to task over 3 matters:

  • Firstly, V Ganabatirau, in a futile attempt to cover up the whole Kampung Seri Aman fiasco, has come out saying that it involved only 4 families and not 30 as claimed. Some even came into his defence by producing the exact names of the dwellers who has not been allotted a land. In what right mind does Ganabatirau thinks ‘it is ok as its just 4 families’? As a representative of the state and the people, he has now set a bad precedent that can see eviction of even more families according to the whims and fancies of the state government of Selangor.
  • Secondly, he has comfortably stated that an alternative land has been provided to these families the eviction notice has been served twice on them. I have produced pictures, depecting the current conditions of the alternative land together with this statement. The land has major irrigation problem, so much so, it looks more like a river or a lake when it rains. There has been no mitigation work that has been attended to on this said land. How does Ganabatirau think that the alternative land is apt and prompt in place of their current dwelling?
  • Thirdly, in a rather proud tone, Ganabatirau has stated that a meagre compensation of RM5000 has been given to these families. I stress that Ganabatirau has lied about the compensation as there are testimonies from the families denying such compensation.If any compensation given, Ganabatirau need to provides the proof to public.On another note, the families in Kampung Seri Aman are of those with below average income. In what right mind does Ganabatirau thinks that the families will be able to put up houses on the said land, more so when it looks like a river.

Arvind urges V Ganabatirau to immediately resign in shame to have lied shamelessly. I also know that the 3 temples are going to be demolished next. We warn V Ganabatirau not to even think about touching the temples without a proper alternative of a structure provided.

As to the families who were left homeless today, MIC has raised funds to place the affected families in rented houses. The MIC Youth will also be submitting a memorandum to the Selangor State Secretary at 2pm, tomorrow. said MIC Youth secretary Arvind Krishnan.


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