MIC Wings come out strong against teacher’s racial act


30 August 2015 , Kuala Lumpur (MyTimes) – Wanita MIC calls on Education Ministry to retire teacher Pn Latifah immediately. In her press statement, the Wings Chief, Mohana Muniandy had stated, representatives from MIC Wanita,Youth and Shah Alam division along with parents of the boy, Mr.Singaram and Mrs.Renuka,victim; student Thinesh and PIBG chairman have spoken to school representative on the student’s “racial” humiliation case.

We have been told that the teacher has a chronic mental illness problem and PPD is aware of it. As of now, she has been transferred to PPD Selangor but a request has been put in to give her early retirement. We have also been notified that she has been declared unfit to teach in any schools by PPD though why this was not dne early is a question mark to us.

Any teachers whom are on medication for mental illness should not have been were permitted to return to their duties. We would like to know why PPD delayed in taking an action on this teacher when they knew about her illness.

“We would hand a letter to Ministry of Education on immediate retirement of this teacher due to an apparent mental illness as it would create an undue risk to the safety of the staffs wherever she is working. Further stressing in the letter on, our Wanita MIC hoping for stern action whereby immediate retirement given to this teacher serves as a lesson to other teachers.”,she said

“We are upset as this is not the first rather one of the many instances of racist teacher issue that are on rise now.”,she stressed.

MIC’s Youth Leader, Sivarrajh Chandran, had also slammed on the absence of policies in these cases.

“In regards to the incident which took place in SMK TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam, I wish to state the following:

I condemn such an act vehemently. A teacher, regardless of race, should uphold the responsibility of protecting the rights of students to practice their respective religion, as provided by our Constitution. The teacher, by trying to remove ‘Vibuthi’ by force shows the inability in her to understand the fundamentals of the Constitution and appreciate the peace we all practice as a multiracial country.

We have come across many of such cases, especially in the last 3 years. Sadly, it has come about in schools, more so, by teachers. It is about time certain policies are cultured by the government and ministries, to keep such incidents curtailed. The newly appointed Education Minister, YB Mahdzir Khalid, should get to the bottom of this and prove his credibility.

As of now, there is no proper exit system when it comes to such disciplinary wrongs. All that we have encountered over the years, is a teacher or a civil servant being transferred to another school or another department. The justification of punishment is a questionable one. I strongly urge the Prime Minister and the Education Minister to immediately come up with a justified exit plan when such an act takes place, so that a precedent can be set and racial harmony maintained.”, he said in his press statement.

The Youth wings Secretary, had visited the school and had also called for the teacher to be reprimanded.

In his press statement, Avind had stated that while being present at the School with the parents of S. Thinesh, he was shown a letter that the teacher was transferred immediately to PPD temporarily .

” MIC Youth is urging the education ministry to sack the teacher Pn Latifah immediately because we learnt that the teacher was mentally unstable. MIC Youth also wants action to be taken on the HM too due to negligence for purposely allowing a mentally unfit teacher practicing teaching in that school. We also want policy changes whereby all teachers should undergo medical checks to ensure they are fit in all ways to ensure productive teaching in schools. We should not let our unity path away due to some mentally unfit teachers. The education ministry should set a precedent by taking stern action on this case in order to prevent incidences such as this to reoccur.”, said Arvind .


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