“Ignore Sidekicks , We have duty”- MIC Interim Sec Gen


Kuala Lumpur –  “My only response is that the High Court of Malaya has given judicial recognition to the 2009 cwc and the ROS has updated their records and issued the relevant notices on the legal position of the relevant members as endorsed by the ROS” said MIC Interim Secretary General, Sakthivel Alagappan in a press statement today.

Responding to Dato Sothinathan’s statement earlier today , Sakthivel lambasted  the former is just a non-member who issued another self serving statement proclaiming himself as the Secretary General of MIC.

“As the legitimate CWC duly recognised by ROS, we have a duty to conduct the re-elections within the timelines and in accordance with the directives issued by ROS,” he continued.

” We do not wish to waste precious time entertaining the irresponsible statements issued by this former member known as Datuk Sothinathan,” stressed Sakthivel.

The nominations for the branch chiefs would be on July 10, 11 and 12, followed by the branch elections, a week after.

The completion of the re-elections would hopefully resolve MIC’s internal crisis, which dragged for almost a year


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