“Hypocrite DAP, AGAIN” – MIC Youth Secretary


18/12/2016 : DAP member and Seberang Perai Municipal Councillor Satees Muniandy has again showed the he is a hypocrite of the highest order. A few days ago, Satees Muniandy led several pro opposition NGOs to demonsrate against Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s visit to Malaysia.

The gist of the demonstration from Satees Muniandy and his gang is that Malaysia must not have any diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka because of their civil war history, where the Sri Lankan government was alleged to have killed thousands of Tamil citizens. As always, Satees Muniandy also took pot shots against the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) for not blocking the visit of Maithripala Sirisena to gain brownie points with the Indian community.

However, Satees Muniandy has conveniently and purposely forgotten to mention to his gang members that his own Batu Kawan Member of Parliament, Kasthuri Patto went to Colombo, Sri Lanka in February this year for a seminar and even shook hands with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and other leaders. Why Satees Muniandy did not demonstrate at that time and ask for Kasturi Patto to resign from her position? (Ref: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/02/22/indian-ngos-upset-over-mps-seminar-participation/ )

This shows that Satees Muniandy is a hypocrite and is only interested to gain cheap political points for his own agenda and not of the Tamil community. Just to remind this hypocrite Satees Muniandy, previously MIC have demonstrated along with the opposition parties beyond succeeded to send Mahendra Rajapakse back to Sri Lanka in a day when he came for a conference in Kuala Lumpur . (Ref : http://www.malaysiaoutlook.com/rajapaksa-gets-fiery-protest-from-mic-and-tamil-ngos/)

This time around, no MIC leader was present during the bilateral meeting between our government and the Sri Lankan delegation. Although we are aware of the issues at hand, for the greater good of this country, our foreign policy towards Sri Lanka can be managed in a more respectable and profesional way.

Therefore, to say that we are not sensitive towards the feeling of the Tamil community is grossly wrong, irresponsible and shows the shallowness of Satees Muniandy’s thinking. The question is, will Lim Guan Eng now take action against Kashturi Patto for attending a seminar in Sri Lanka and giving legitimacy to the Sri Lankan government?

I would urge Satees Muniandy and DAP to make up their mind first before taking cheap shots at MIC. Don’t shake hands behind the door with the Sri Lankan government but act as enemies in front of the Tamil people .This shows you and your party does not have principles in politics or in life.

I challenge Satees Muniandy to ensure his party to takes action against Batu Kawan MP Kasturi Patto. If he fails Satees Muniandy better quit his post in the party and the state government because it has been proven he is only an empty can who makes a lot of noise but lack substance.


Press Statement
Arvind Krishnan
National MIC Youth Secretary

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