Hindraf and Tun M sleep in the same bed to betray the indian community – Thinalan


To whomever it may concern, you go around wailing and ridiculing Najib for not fulfilling your so called 18 point memorandum. Did Pakatan address these 18 points in their 2018 budget?

After the ceremonial handshake with Tun M, Is HINDRAF a real partner within Pakatan? Mr. Waythamoorthy, would you be willing to cut ties with Pakatan for not honouring you? or you rather be a servant of the dictator who caused the systematic neglect of the Indian community in his 22 year rule?

Let me lay down the facts of the budget 2018 that has many frothing from their mouth. Especially HINDRAF Waytha and the lies he has propagated to curry favour with Tun Mahathir. You readers decide on who is fooling the Indians and who’s not. Enough of emotional upheaval caused by these personalities who instigate Indians by displaying half-truths. Which of these could

Budget 2018 – BN has 6 Indians Specific Initiatives:

1. RM1.5 billion units will be allotted under the AS 1Msia scheme by PNB.

2. Where will the poor Indians get the money to join in the scheme? RM500 million as an interest-free loan for 100k B40 families to participate in the AS1M Investment scheme.

3. Tekun’s RM50 million for micro entrepreneurs under SPUMI-SEDIC Collaboration. Loans of RM1.39 billion to 31,655 Indian entrepreneurs given out since 2012.

4. RM20 million from AIM to Indian Women Entrepreneurs.

5. RM50 million for SJKT. Since 2009, over RM900 million for SJKT

6. RM50 million to SEDIC for Initiatives such as youth & business development, upliftment for single mothers etc. Since 2014, RM230 million given to Indian NGOs

7. 7% Employment into Civil Services by Strengthening PSD Recruit Pipeline.

8. 7% Enrolment of Indian Students into IPTA by Supporting Qualified Students.

Budget 2018 – Pakatan has ONLY 2 Indian Specific Initiatives:

1. Increasing Indian equity participation by giving RM2 billion worth of loan with 4% interest scheme. (p/s: BN is offering 0 interest)

2. Providing RM200 million grants to NGOs to carry out social programs. (p/s: BN has given out RM230 million since 2015 to 800 over NGOs)

If you comb through BN’s budget, Indian community seems to take precedent to all other communities in Malaysia. So Waytha, there are more chances here for the upliftment of Indians then with PH. Didn’t you demand for an exclusive Unit within Government to implement Indian initiatives? Well, SEDIC has been created to do just that by PM Najib with 50 over personnel, but you became enraged because you were not appointed to lead this unit.

HINDRAF even wants to go on a road show to convince Indians to vote against BN. The road show is premised on the argument that the Government did not carry out a single initiative for the Indian Community, specifically the areas outlined in the HINDRAF Memorandum of 2013.

I challenge Waytha to go on a roadshow demand equal partnership within Pakatan for Indians. They can’t even produce more then a page of Indian plan as we have seen in their 2018 Budget and even worse their past plans for Indians have been laden with cobwebs i.e. Gelang Patah Declaration.

Who caused the reduction of Indians within the civil service? Who caused the systematic displacement of Indians from estates and into downtrodden long houses and shackles they were forced to live in? Who initiated the unfair intake into Universities? By your logic, we are here at a low point in history of the Indian community because of PM Najib?

The matter of fact it is HINDRA’s Waytha who said that Mahathir’s era was the worst time for Indians in the country. It was during this period that Indians lost out to other communities. Today you choose to be in bed with him, betraying the Indian community. Why?

Thinalan T Rajagopalu LLB(Qut)Australia

National Deputy Mic Youth Leader


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