Health Ministry aims for 750,000 blood donors annually: Subramaniam


KUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam hopes their target of 750,000 blood donors a year can be achieved as they need 2,000 pints of blood daily to meet demand.Last year there were 675,315 donors.He said there are 975,000 blood recipients who urgently need blood, especially those afflicted with cancer, accident victims and thalassemia patients.Speaking in a press conference after launching the annually held National World Blood Donor Day 2015 here, he said, donating blood was a noble deed and blood donated save lives.

When asked to comment news reports which surfaced two weeks ago about a young woman who became the center of distasteful jokes from doctors after seeking medical treatment for a third degree tear after home birth in Terengganu, Subramaniam admitted that although he was not aware of the situation, he would ensure a full investigation be carried out to determine the actual cause of the incident.

He said report from the investigation will determine whether the doctors involved in the ridiculing will be reprimanded or lose their practicising license.He also advised the public not to be influenced by what is in the internet as it could be misleading or endanger one’s life, especially when it involves matters of health.It was reported that among several young doctors, one had “advised” her to use yam roots and a “lidi” (coconut leaf skewer) to stitch the wound.


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