GE14 ; ‘Youth Manifesto’ proves BN Understand Youth’s Pulse – MIC Youth Chief


Yesterday, BN Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin said that BN will become the first Malaysian party to have a special manifesto for youths for the 14th general elections.

This announcement is proof that BN always has the interests of future generation, who will become future leaders of this country, at heart with any move it makes.

All the promises and pledges that will be made in the youth manifesto are very practical in nature and revolve around goals and targets that are easily achievable.

Youths who read the manifesto would be immediately convinced by the tangible goals that BN Youth has set out to achieve in this document, as opposed to general populist policies of Pakatan Harapan that does not have many tangible objectives.

The manifesto will infuse confidence among youths and will definitely sway the youth vote in BN’s direction as this the party that understands the pulse of youth in this country when it comes to formulating policies and planning development.

The document is the result of a proactive plan put in place due to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by youths today, such as providing increased job opportunities.

The manifesto was formulated following an extensive process that included analysis and meetings among all BN Youth leaders from all the component parties, before it was presented to the top leadership.

This is a holistic manifesto, and we are convinced that the youths will feel that their future in this country will be more secured under a BN leadership.

Pakatan Harapan may have launched their manifesto early, but no prizes are given out to parties who make promises first, but rather for parties that have a track record of converting promises into realities. BN has fulfilled at least 97 percent of all the promises outlined in the 2013 election manifesto, which is proof that unlike PH, we are capable of keeping our word.

BN’s manifesto will be both timely and comprehensive, in keeping with the BN spirit of “Janji Ditepati” (Promises Honoured).ENDS.

Press Statement by ;
Dato’ Sivaraajh Chandran
March 11 2018

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