Fence-Mending Towards a Stronger MIC


Press Release

Following much concessions, MIC now stands stronger after finding middle ground with our formerly lost comrades. With a wider pool of leaders and members, MIC is now better consolidated to work towards delivering a huge victory for Barisan Nasional.

With the upcoming PRU 14, this is an optimal time to mend fences. MIC members must realise that the party’s needs must be addressed at the forefront. Our reforms and actions must reflect this. The MIC spirit must be inculcated among our youths as well because they are our future leaders.

We should now work diligently as a team to ensure BN obtains majority Indian votes. This is MIC’s time to shine and prove our relevance. Our leaders have made great breakthroughs recently for our community; it is time to push forward!

Our Honourable Prime Minister and the Cabinet Committee have drawn out a detailed programme for the Indian community up to 2025. For our PM’s vision to take shape, we need full participation from our community members. Support, cooperation and engagement.

Therefore, with a very focused agenda ahead, I urge all MIC members to concentrate on strengthening our party. Let us channel our resources to exploit our synergies to face the current political situation and the challenges that lie ahead.

Senator Dato Sri S.K.Devamany


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