A Reply To Kasthuri Patto Of DAP | By Raghavan Nair


By Raghavan Nair

DAP’s KasthuriPatto who happens to be the BatuKawan Member of Parliament very rightly condemned former Court of Appeal Judge, Mohd Noor Abdullah for his outrageous comments on single-stream education. Mohd Noor seems to have embarked on a crusade to abolish vernacular schools.

Kasthuri who emerged with a bang in the political landscape seems to be lost in her thoughts lately. She lambasted Mohd Noor for allegedly propagating racism and hatred among Malaysians. While I agree on her tongue-lashing against racial bigots, I would like to remind Kasthuri that DAP’s own icon supports a racist. Lim Kit Siang showcases himself to be Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s biggest fan these days and we all know who is the father of racism in Malaysia. Dear Kasthuri, while you are at it bashing others, maybe you should take a swipe at Kit Siang too. Just because you are fighting the same cause as Mahathir, it does not mean you need to make love with him as well.

Isn’t it funny how DAP continues to denounce racism but for seven years they lived and made babies together with PAS, undoubtedly the most extremist party in the country. Kasthuri says it is a shame that a bigot is masked by the prestigious title ‘formed judge of Appeal Court’ and has urged Prime Minister Najib to issue a reaction against Mohd Noor’s statement. I again agree with Kasthuri on this instance but the important question is why racism and corruption continues to brew in the country today?

The whole country has been made aware that Lim Guan Eng is ready is shake hands and work together with the new GerakanHarapanBaru (GHB) party. Just in case if you were oblivious Kasthuri, one of the leading runner of GHB is Tan Sri Muhammad MuhammadTaib or better known as Mat Taib. This former Rural and Regional Development Minister who was once theMenteriBesar of Selangor was with UMNO since 1964. However, in 1997 he was forced to resign as Selangor MB because he was charged in Australia over currency irregularities allegedly amounting close to RM 4 billion. Although you might rebuke me by saying the court eventually cleared him as he pleaded he did not understand English and therefore did not understand currency regulations, an investigative committee later found that the court had erred in its judgement.

When a racist or corrupt is forced to resign from UMNO, DAP and other opposition parties shelter them. They continue remain public figures thanks to the opposition coalition and that is the reason racism and corruption never seems to die in this country.

On PM Najib

Kasthuri claims that the Prime Minister only makes reassuring statements at UMNO party events to uphold the right of mother-tongue education. This baseless statement again shows how ignorant our BatuKawan MP is with the current happenings. A little time spent on Google and you can eat back your words, Kasthuri.

In 2012, the government formed a unit called PTST (PelanTindakanSekolah Tamil) that continuously formulate plans for the development of Tamil schools that involves improvement in infrastructure and education quality. Over the past few years, licenses for seven Tamil schools have been approved, for which one has been complete while the other six are under construction. For your information, RM 540 million has been channeled for continuous upgrading of Tamil schools in Malaysia from 2009-2013. All these initiatives were undertaken under the leadership of Najib that was conveniently kept in the dark by Kit Siang’s newfound pal, Dr. M.

Kasthuri urges the PM to step up, come forward and send a clear message to Mohd Noor. While DAP’s leadership style in running the mouth and issuing statements irrespective of action or work done, Najib has a different method altogether. Giving press statements alone is inadequate, Kasthuri. Actions speak louder than words. Najib does not have to utter a word but his actions with regards to preservation and development of vernacular schools is a clear message by itself.


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