“24 hours to retract your accusation” Sivarraajh to Kapar MP


29 November 2016 (MyTimes) : MIC Youth Dato’ Sivarraajh Chandran gives 24 hours to YB Manivannan, Kapar MP to retract his acquisition on MIC’s stand on hudud.

Press Statement by Dato Sivarraajh

MIC youth rejects Manivannan’s accusation, give him 24 hours to retract

Let me tell you – Kapar MP Manivannan is out of his mind to accuse MIC of being not serious in opposing Hudud.

Has been living in another century?Not serious, my foot!

We are at the fore front opposing hudud from day one and everybody knows this except the Kapar MP.

On the other hand, can he state the PKR stand on hudud?PKR and DAP have been running with PAS for over ten years.

They have been apologising for PAS excesses at every turn, including on hudud and all this while too.

They are the ones with an ambiguous position on hudud, not the MIC. Please wake up!We have opposed Hudud from day one.

I give Manivanan 24 hours to state his party’s stand or retract his accusiition again the MIC.

We are more brave and bold in handling issues even if it involve BN components.

We are not like him and his comrades who are only good for giving lame excuses and seek cheap publicity.

If he doesn’t state PKR’s stand openly or retract, we will bring 1000 MIC youths to his constituency to protest and force him to apologise.

We are running out of patience because of his stupidity.Everybody knows PKR has been running with the fox and hunting with the hounds at the same time.

They run with PAS and are now stuck after PAS introduce hudud.This is their dilemma that they must resolve and explain to the people!

Don’t pass the buck to the MIC.



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