2003 Ganesha resurfaced in 2015


KUALA LUMPUR: As we all aware, Hindus love their elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesh. He is the “most auspicious form of God” and is the deity they invoke, and seek blessings from, before starting any activity.

Recently Whatsapp were flooded with messaged that Lord Ganesha image were used in flip flop shoes.

Some people claimed that this flip flop is being sold at a store in Langkawi recently but the truth is this issue dated back to year 2003 not in Malaysia but in United States of America(USA). Yes 2003, Not 2015 as stated in the message!

Information of Item

  • Class: 0417
  • Vendor: 41169
  • Style: 6040
  • Color: 638
  • Sku/Item #: 12357372

This product was manufactured by American Eagle Outfitters in the year of 2003 which were immediately pulled off from it shelves all around USA after receiving complaints from Hindu customers all around the world and an apology message posted by the senior executive of the company which sounded like

 American Eagle Outfitters will remove from its stores the flip flop shoe that include a likeness of Lord Ganesh (Ganesha).

Our goal at American Eagle Outfitters is to make AE brand merchandise that is fashionable and affordable for our customers in an inclusive and equitable environment. We value diversity and respect the ideal of freedom of expression of all religious and cultural beliefs.

On behalf of American Eagle Outfitters, please accept this letter as our formal apology for our of use of the image resembling Lord Ganesh on this product. Again, this letter confirms that we will remove these flip flop shoes from our stores in order to maintain the good will and our customer relations with the Hindu community.

We appreciate your interest in the AE brand and hope that you will continue to be satisfied customers of American Eagle Outfitters.

Very truly yours,

Neil Bulman, Jr.
Vice President and General Counsel

Malaysia is a stable nation that places great stock in its image as an ethnically harmonious society.Such issue threatens to exacerbate religious and ethnic tensions. Hindu Sangam calls on everyone to oppose every method of spreading hate” because it “radically undermines the fundamental good of peaceful coexistence of people despite national, religious and cultural differences”.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” ― J.K. Rowling

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