WhatsApp Web updated with tons of new features


WhatsApp Web has been available for about half a year, and in the time since its annoucement , it only got some minor changes like skin tone emojis. However, the service has received a backend update that adds a lot of the mobile app’s features, making it easy for you to manage your conversations from the web interface without having to grab your phone.


First up, your profile photo and status are editable now. Simply hover over your photo and you’ll get the option to change it. An edit icon appears next to the status and lets you share all of your feels with your contacts.

Next, the settings overflow for your chats shows a few new actions. You can delete and archive one-on-one chats, and archive, mute, or exit group chats. The same options are available in the left conversation list when you hover over them or right-click them. In the screenshots above, you’ll also notice there are keyboard shortcuts for each action, but these seem to be appearing and re-appearing sporadically. They’re probably still a work in progress.

And finally, the contact and group info panes have received a small update. There are new big red buttons to delete chats or exit groups (this is the 3rd way of accessing these options, but it might be the clearest), and groups allow you to change their icon and status.



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