“We strongly condemn Waytha!”- MIC Youth Chief


MIC Youth Chief, Sivarrajh Chandran had strongly reprimanded Hindraf Chairman, Waythamoorthy.”MIC youth strongly condemns P. Waythamoorthy for urging Indians not to vote for Barisan Nasional.”

“He speaks as if he is the sole representative of the Indian community. No, he does not represent them, let alone Hindraf.”,slammed Sivarrajh

Sivarrajh said that even Waytha’s own brother P. Uthayakumar who is the true founder of Hindraf had disowned him.”So who is he speaking for?Definitely he does not represent the Indian community in Malaysia. Far from it.”,he said

“In the past he used the Hindraf mantle but later he made a deal with Prime Minister Najib Razak which enabled him to become a Deputy Minister.”

“Because of his turncoat behaviour he not only lost the trust of the Indian community but also his brother and above all that of Hindraf.

He should focus on temples and birth certificate issues related to the Indian community because these are issues that they preached before.”Sivarrajh said, clearly dismayed with Waytha.

“I am all for the transformation of the BN. I am the first to speak of its change and I have been preaching for it to change and adapt to political needs.”

“The BN will come around, I am confident of it. It will listen to the pulse of the people. It is very wrong and off the mark for Waythamoorthy to say that no Indian could vote for BN.”,said Sivarrajh confidently



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