‘Red Shirt’ protest race based, No Go says Dr.Subra


MIC has consistently been against the culture of street demonstrations and had also spoken out clearly against the  ‘Bersih4.0 ’ demonstration on the 30th of August. We had come up with categoric statements directing MIC members against participating in Bersih and have indicated that actions could be taken against those who participated despite the directive .

The nation is now faced with the threat of yet another mass demonstration, this time by the ‘Red Shirts’. This protest has indeed been organized as a direct response to the Bersih 4.0 protest .

The MIC does not condone any attempt to overthrow a government  through street protests . We also condemn the actions of a few of the Bersih participants who humiliated some of the political leaders in our country. WE consider all such actions to be foreign to the political culture which has been practiced in Malaysia so far. We are concerned with the importation of the culture of street politics akin to what has been practiced in other countries into Malaysia. We feel that this could be dangerous and detrimental to the multiracial and multi-religious fabrics of our nation.

The ‘Red-Shirt’ protest is indeed race-based and cannot be allowed to take place. Any spark may result in a conflagration that consumes our nation and destroys our economy. The ordinary Malaysian citizens will become unnecessary victims of such incidents.

 MIC stands against this ‘Red-Shirt’ protest. There are other ways to discuss disagreements. Over the last few years our government in the spirit of liberisation has provided greater space for the expression of alternate and dissenting  views and opinions . This has to be done in a responsible and peaceful manner without damaging the fabric of what we understand as Malaysia. If the existing channels be deemed insufficient, then we could look at creating more avenues where alternative views could be heard. This can be discussed in civil forum rather than street gatherings.

But let us not, in a multi-racial nation, gather in masses of people of predominantly one-race, marching to-and-fro, while causing alarm and worry for our fellow citizens. The police must use all available means to halt this ‘Red-Shirt’ protest on September 16th. There is a risk that this protest  may result in unwanted incidents which could have a negative effect on Malaysia’s  political stability , economy and racial harmony.

We also call on all parties to desist from provocative statements and actions, particularly in a racial context. We need to focus our energies on rejuvenating our economy in the backdrop of a troubled global environment.

As an integral senior member of the Barisan Nasional , MIC is of the view that we should find quick resolutions to the many problems which are facing the nation now. We will continue to express our views on this issue within the context of the goverment and the Barisan Nasional.

We are concerned the unnecessary delays in seeking resolutions to these problems can have a very detrimental effect on the long term economy of this country and the consequences of this will have to be borne by all ordinary citizens of Malaysia.

Let us not foster division and distrust on Malaysia Day, but use it as an opportunity to unite and promote the spirit of inclusiveness in the realms of national politics.


12 Sept 2015


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