‘Monolibabou’ ritual starts to find cause of Sabah earthquake


TAMPARULI: A group of Tantagas (high priestess) performs a special‎ ritual to enquire about the recent earthquake from the spirit world. On June 5, a 5.9 magnitude hit Sabah and killed 18 people on Mount Kinabalu. ‎ The ‘monolibabou’ ritual started at about 7.30pm ‎in the community hall of Kampung Bantayan here. During the process, two Tantagas from the Dusun Lotud communicated with the spirits in hope to find out what causes the earthquake and what offerings are needed to appease the mountain spirits. ‎ Many Kadazan Dusun people believed the earthquake on June 5 occurred as a result of 10 tourists posing naked on the summit of Mount Kinabalu on May 30. Mount Kinabalu is considered sacred to the indigenous ‎people of Sabah who believe it as the resting place for the death souls. It is said that the ritual will take some time and it is also possible that the Tantagas will not get their answer tonight. – NST


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