MIC Youth Chief Sivarrajh issues a stinging reply to Kayveas


KUALA LUMPUR 13 December 2015 (MyTimes): MIC’s Youth Chief, Sivarraajh Chandran has come out with a blazing salvo against the People’s Progressive Party President, Tan Sri M.Kayveas. Kayveas who criticised certain leaders and allocations of funds to the Indian community, has invited anger among MIC leaders. Kayveas obviously took a jab against the Malaysian Indian Congress and it’s leaders.

“M Kayveas has never failed to amuse fellow Malaysians with his ‘less smart’ and empty jokes. As much as we want to respect him as a senior politician, he should probably take at least 2 minutes to think before shooting his mouth.”

“His recent, rather stupid statement on government allocations towards the Indian community bemuses me. I’m appalled when he actually thinks that allocations are given through political parties. Kayveas, having been a politician and President of PPP for umpteen years, should know this fact for once. The public has meeting all our leaders without any difficulties. There must be something wrong with the way Kayveas makes an attempt perhaps. Either that, he is purely lying out of his nose. When Kayveas was a Minister, he was more of a ‘style icon’ than a public representative.”,said Sivaraajh in a press statement.

“As we are all aware, government allocations for the betterment of the Indian community are channeled through institutions like SEDIC and SEED which are directly under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department. Not only that, funds for Tamil schools and education are channeled through the Education Ministry.”

“I’m sad but to label Kayveas as an imbecile to have taken a jab against MIC and misleading the public as to the channelling of allocations. Kayveas who is now appears to champion the Indian community seems to have lost the plot. He showed us once of his predicament when he claimed that the PPP is an Indian based party when in fact it is a multiracial party. Is all this out of desperation to stay relevant, Kayveas?”,asked the Youth Leader.

“On another note, I strongly suggest that the PPP President watches his own backyard and not meddle into MIC affairs. May I remind him of his Hitler’s style leadership, removing good leaders such as Dato Murugaiyah and Chandra Kumanan. They are good leaders but obviously Kayveas did not want them to supersede, publicity wise. Being relevant bus not about waiting for PM at the airport, Kayveas but to actually serve the community.”

“Kayveas is a leader of a Barisan Nasional component party. He should be more responsible in attacking a fellow component party. I challenge Kayveas to stand in any parliamentary or state constituencies with Indian majority. That will actually show us the popularity he claims he has among the Indian community.Another attempt of such an unnecessary attack against MIC, will prompt a ten fold reply against you Kayveas, I would like to effectively remind you.”,fired Sivaraajh.



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