MIC stood united in electing it’s new President-Yb Datuk M.Asojan


Newly appointed Johor State MIC Liason Chairman, Yb Datuk M.Asojan Muniyandy congratulated Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam on being elected as the 9th President of the Malaysian Indian Congress.


“The MIC stood united for once in electing the right person to lead the party and bring it to the next level. Dr.Subramaniam is a leader with full of calibre and extensive plans for the party, and the Indian community in general”, he said in a press statement.


“His rationalism is clearly displayed in the way he has appointed the State MIC leaders. If one is to notice, the leaders that he has appointed are those whom are representing the people either as Deputy Minister, Senators, State Assemblyman and Special Officers to Chief Ministers in states. This will enable Indians to get help through the right channel as these leaders represent the community in the government. I further applaud the President in footing the Malaysian Indian Consultative Council (MICC) as a body to empower and uplift the Indian community, said Yb Datuk Asojan, who is also the State Assemblyman for Bukit Gambir in Johor.


Datuk Asojan was appointed as the Johor State Liason Chairman yesterday after Dr.Subramaniam was elected President of MIC, unopposed. Johor State grassroots welcomed this appointment as Asojan garners vast support among the Indians and grassroots leaders and youths in Johor.


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