Malaysian women access more pornography on mobile devices than men , finds Pornhub Report


Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s millennials that are leading the way in mobile porn access – 78 per cent of women using their smartphones to watch porn are aged between 18 and 34.

And the older the women are, the more likely they are to use tablets or desktops, which is the same for men.

Pornhub found that the UK has the third largest proportion of mobile use by women at 86 per cent, behind only South Africa (91 per cent) and the US (89 per cent). Malaysia (84 per cent) ranked at 7th with proportional difference of 18 per cent more than men.

It turns out that 80 per cent of women access Pornhub from mobile devices, compared to 69 per cent of men – 71 per cent of female traffic comes from smartphones and the other nine per cent from tablets.

This means that women are 34 per cent less likely to use a desktop computer than men.

When it comes to accessing adult entertainment, women are 16 per cent more likely than men to use their smartphones, and ten per cent more likely to use a tablet.

Following on from Pornhub’s Year in Review report released at the beginning of 2017 – which disclosed that 26 per cent of the site’s users are female – they revealed the further statistics to mark International Women’s Day.

Interestingly, the site divulged that they had had “a massive drop” in traffic during the Women’s March in January 2017, where millions of women around the world took to the streets to protest for equality.

The use of mobile devices to access porn has been growing for both genders over the past few years – it now constitutes 72 per cent of traffic worldwide – but the proportion of women doing so has been consistently higher than men.

The reason why women prefer watching porn on their smartphones remains unknown. – The Independent


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