Local Maggi not imported, safe for consumption – Health Ministry


KUALA LUMPUR: The Maggi instant noodles in the countryside for consumption, the Health Ministry assured. In a media statement yesterday, ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said local Maggi instant noodles are produced locally. “In this matter, the Health Ministry would like to state that the Maggi instant noodles which are sold in the country are produced locally and not imported from India,” he said.

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He said the ministry’s inspection found the factory that produces the instant noodles here adheres to rules and regulation. “Checks by the ministry also found that the instant noodles in the market now are safe and none of the samples are above the allowed level of lead,” he said. He said the public need not worry about the safety of the Maggi in Malaysia as the ministry is committed to ensure food safety in the country. He said those who were suspicious of certain products and want to complain or seek clarification, could do so through the ministry’s website.

It was previously reported that a routine check on the instant noodles in India found that the noodles’ seasoning contained too much lead. It then triggered a recall across a swathe of India and import bans in Nepal and Singapore.


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