Khairy : First Olympic Gold for Malaysia will come from an Indian girl


Kuala Lumpur , 20 April 2017 (MyTimes) – Malaysia has set its goal for Tokyo 2020 Olympics games and the country’s first goal will come from Malaysia’s karate athlete , Syakilla Salni Jefry Krishnan said YB Khairy Jamalluding at TN50x event in PWTC last night.

The Youth and Sport Minister was replying to the aspiration of one of the program participants who wanted to see Malaysia winning at least a Olympic medal by 2050.

Malaysian athletes Syakilla Salni Jefry Krishnan no strangers in the karate world as she has been actively involved in karate since young.

The 25-year-old Syakilla is ranked world number one on the World Karate Federation (WKF) ranking in Karate 1 for female kumite 55kg and champion for Asian Games 2014.

Her accomplishments allowed her to end the 2016 season with a bang, a total of 2,115 points in her grip. She was this close to winning her second Premier League Series title, but lost to Emilie Thouy in Germany.

Last year, Syakilla defeated world champion Sara Cardin and won gold in Dubai. She also earned a silver in Austria and bronze in Turkey.



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