“It takes only a spark to light up a conflagration”- MIC Youth Chief on ‘Red Shirt Rally’


MIC’s Youth Chief, Sivarrajh Chandran had urged PDRM not to allow the  ‘Red Shirt’ rally, which is said to take place on National Day, 16th of September 2015. In a press statement, Siva had stated, “The Baju Merah (Red Shirt) rally on Sept 16 is a very short-sighted rally. It is being held on Malaysia Day Sept 16 and police should not be allowed to take place at all.”

“It will never help Malaysia in any way. It will portray Malaysia as a backward country and concern only with endless demonstrations. We have to stay united and contribute positively to sail through these unstable economic times. It is not just Malaysia but most emerging countries in the world are affected because of the global fall in the price of oil and commodities.”, he stressed further.

“The rally will heighten racial tensions in our country and this will split the people and drive away foreign investors. The Red Shirt rally, coming so closely after the Bersih rally, also signals that it is really a tit-for-tat event. It brings out all the racial overtones because it is to be held in Bukit Bintang, where the Low Yat plaza riot recently took place.”,said the Youth Leader.

On the repercussions of the rally, he said “This rally is sure to create massive problems with inter-ethnic relations in the country. We have to preserve inter ethnic relations above all else. We must keep the peace. We must preserve our fragile peace and inter-ethnic relations. We therefore urge police not to allow the counter gathering because the stated reasons are run counter preserving the peace among the people. Knowing how the May 13 incident spill into major troubles, we should avoid similar sparks.”


“It takes only a spark to light a conflagration. Alternatively if the rally is to be held have it in a stadium away from the congested streets of the city. MIC is not against legal gathering to voice out the Rakyat’s views but this Red Shirt gathering is being billed as a race gathering and must be stopped and condemned.”, the vocal leader said



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