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Kuala Lumpur, Aug 8 – The transfer, within 24 hours, of two MACC officers to the PM’s department underscores once again that the need to put the MACC under parliament and not the executive.

The executive interferes to protect their own rights versus the rights of the people.
That’s why the MACC, an anti-corruption watchdog should come under the purview of a select committee of parliament and not directly under the powers of the executive.

The transfer appears to be an attempt to block investigations into the RM2.6 billion which was deposited into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s personal bank accounts.

The two MACC officers were abruptly and unceremoniously transferred out of the MACC and to Prime Minister’s Department.
MIC youth expresses serious concern and worries that it is a clear case of intimidation to thwart an investigation.
The high profile transfer is very strange, sad and disappointing – it appears to be a planned intimidation against MACC to weaken the institution.

The transfers followed a series of arrests of six or seven MACC investigators by police who were involved in the RM2.6 billion probe. Their homes and offices were also raided.

We protest loudly and say we will not watch while an institution is decimated.
MIC youth calls upon the authorities to allow the MACC to carry out its duties freely to avoid negative perception from the public.

On balance is the trust that the people have on an institution like the MACC.
Let the MACC carry out its duties without hindrance.

Press statement
MIC Youth Chief


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