Education is vital to the social and economic integration of future generations- Thinalan


Port Dickson, 14 Aug (MyTimes) – National MIC Deputy Youth Leader, Thinalan T Rajagopalu assisted the Standard 6 students of SJKT St.Leonard, Port Dickson by sponsoring book sets of UPSR forecast workbooks.

Thinalan, together with the school’s PIBG Chairman, Mr.Selvam presented the books to the students today morning. The school Headmistress, Madam Sarojini, thanked Thinalan and Mr.Selvam for their assistance. ‘The late Dato T Rajagopalu helped us build the new blocks of the school. His son is now continuing the tradition to help us’,she said. Thinalan’s father, the late Dato T Rajagopalu, was the State Assemblyman of Port Dickson then.

MIC Youth has been on a campaign to uplift and empower the quality of education of Tamil Schools nationwide. A notable campaign, ‘English is Easy’ which is the brainchild of its Youth Leader, Sivarrajh Chandran is on the roll nationwide.

‘We, the MIC Youth, strongly feel that education is vital to the social and economic integration of future generations. It is also of utmost importance that the next generation is guided from young for them to be able to sustain in the competitive world’,said Thinalan. -MyTimes


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