Ambiga still sees hope in Pakatan


Former Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan says she still sees hope in Pakatan Rakyat even if the opposition pact ceases to exist in its current form.DAP had declared Pakatan as ceasing to exist following PAS’s resolution in its recent muktamar to cut ties with the former, following months of strained relationship between both parties.Ambiga told reporters at the sidelines of a forum in Kuala Lumpur last night that she was “disappointed” with the fact that Pakatan is on the brink of collapsing but said that she has not lost all hope.

“I am very disappointed. Pakatan represented hope for a two-party system,” she said.”But I still see hope. I am assuming they (opposition leaders) have a plan and it better be a good plan,” she added.Ambiga said that she did not believe the opposition will “disappear into the darkness” with Pakatan no longer existing.

Ambiga, also a former Bar Council president, also said that she did not believe the changes in the opposition political cooperation would change the thinking of MPs who opposed controversial laws which Putrajaya was attempting to push through in Parliament.”They are still parliamentarians, but what changes is how the opposition looks now, and whether the public will accept that, looking at it in its new form,” she said.

PAS and DAP’s relationship had deteriorated badly over the months following the former’s push for hudud implementation in Kelantan without the consent of their Pakatan partners.PKR, however, is yet to state their stand on DAP’s assertion that Pakatan is over. – June 17,2015.



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