Ahmad Maslan misquoted


Kuala Lumpur, Sep 9 (MyTimes) -Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister, Ahmad Maslan, tweeted to say that his claims of knowing the source of the 2.6 billion as Al Waleed bin Talal is indeed false.

He iterated that he quoted the Saudi Prince to have been willing to donate his RM120 billion wealth and did not claim that he is the donor of 2.6 billion to the PM. He also said, the hypothetical situation was given to illustrate that they are people who would do so.

News on Ahmad Maslan’s claims were reported in Free Malaysia Today. MyTimes apologises to Al Waleed bin Talal, the Deputy Minister,Ahmad Maslan, the Prime Minister and our readers for sharing what we now consider,wrongful and false information and news after clarification from the Deputy Minister. – MyTimes


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